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We would love to have you partner with us in reaching out in love to our neighbors at the Nathaniel Mission.  It's our goal to match your unique passions and skills with an opportunity to serve that makes a difference in our community.   Individuals and groups are encouraged to express their interest in volunteering using the form below.  We look forward to our mutual partnership!


Poverty Intervention & Prevention: Offering a Hand Up

Mission Market: We provide residents of Fayette county access to our food pantry (Mission Market) Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1-2pm.  In order for our market to function well we need a team of four people.  One person who takes time to listen and to pray for our neighbors.  Another to check IDs and input data into the computer and two others who help neighbor shop for items.  This is a commitment of 12:45-2:15pm either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Food Donation Pick Ups:

Leestown Rd. Kroger: We pick up from Kroger on Tuesdays and Thursday.  Pick up time is 10:30am.  Supplies have to be picked up at the Mission beforehand.  Volunteer must access the store through back door receiving, picking up donation throughout the store (Bakery, Produce, Deli, Bread, Meat, Frozen food), checking out with the Back Door Receiver, and loading vehicle before returning to The Mission.  We are looking for volunteers to help weekly, monthly, or a last minute sub.

Starbucks: We pick up from Nicholasville Road and Boston Road.  Supplies have to be picked up at the Mission beforehand. Volunteer simply connects with a staff person and fills up the thermal bags.  Once at The Mission items are counted, stored, and labeled.  This is a weekly commitment or a last minute sub.

Educational Programs:

Monthly Lunch & Learn: Life Skills: We want neighbors to have the skills and knowledge to make good use of their resources. The first Tuesday of the month we invite neighbors to lunch to explore and discuss topics such as finance, budgeting, banking, home energy, and housing rights and issues.  Community partners, such as Thivant Finance, Bluegrass Green Source, and Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission, will lead the workshop. We are looking for a class host to help sign people in and connect with our neighbors by initiating conversation and eating lunch with them.  We also need groups to prepare, serve, and clean up a lunch.  We are serving 15-20 people each month.

Class Host: We are strategically planning a finance and job training class that would address the issues that our neighbors face.  We are looking for volunteers who would complete training to be able to teach classes, as well as volunteers who would mentor class participants. These classes would be an 8 to 12 week session with a weekly or biweekly commitment.  


Health & Wellness: Filling Gaps in HealthCare

Clinics: We run at least 5 different clinics a month.  Volunteers help pull paperwork, get clients signed in, making sure doctors have everything they need, and keep record of clients that we seen and vouchers that were handed out.  Clinics happen at different time throughout the month, but it is a commitment of 3-4 hours.

Educational Program:

Monthly Lunch & Learn: Health & Wellness:  These are monthly programs for neighbors surrounding health and wellness topics on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  In partnering with community organizations such as the Health Department, UK extension office, Glean KY, and Food Chain, we want our neighbors to be equipped with a wealth of information and experiences. We will also serve our neighbors who participate a healthy lunch. We are looking for a host for the class to help sign people in and connect with our neighbors by initiating conversation and eating lunch with them. We need help with lunch - preparing, serving and cleaning up as well as greeters who are intentional about forming relationships.  

Class Host: We are strategically planning nutrition, diabetes support group, and garden club classes that would address the issues that our neighbors face.  We will be utilized community partners to teach these weekly classes, but need a volunteer to host the class.  This is a weekly commitment of 6-8 weeks to help with recruitment for the class, create an atmosphere of  hospitality, connect with neighbors, and keep record of participates. These classes would 8 to 12 week session with a weekly or biweekly commitment.  


Children & Youth Development: Raising a Generation of Leaders

After-School Programs: We provide social, emotional, academic, and spiritual support to neighborhood children.  Our time together includes a healthy snack, physical activity, mentoring, spiritual develop, and homework/tutoring help.  We have two different sites to connect with students.  

Cardinal Valley Elementary: Mondays and  Wednesdays from 2:30-4:30pm.  
The Mission: Harrison Elementary: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00-6:00pm

We are looking for mentors who would commitment to one day a week.

Family Nights:  A critical part to our ministry is connecting and empowering parents to be involved in their children’s education.  Every other month each site will have a Family Night as space to connect with Nathaniel Mission volunteers & staff and other parents, eat together as a family, and participate in a educational program.  We are looking for groups to provide the meals and individuals to connect with parents and other volunteers to lead games and activities for the kids.

Summer Programs:

Adopt A Park: Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for June and July, Partners for Youth pulls together community organization to provide actives in the park from 1-4pm.  Nathaniel Mission hopes to be partner with Partners for Youth to adopt a park 1-2 weeks weeks this summer. 

Summer Camp: We host 4 weeks of summer camp for neighborhood children in three different locations: Valley Park, and Nathaniel Mission.  We are looking for small group leaders to be with the kids for the whole day and activities leader who would lead activities such as Bible time, health and physical activity, STEM, and Reading lessons.  Camps run Monday - Thursday at different times depending on locations: Valley: 9am - 1pm and Mission: 12 - 4:30pm

Outreach Events to Community: Knowing our Community

One of our big goals for the year is to connect with our neighbors, specifically in Speigle Heights and Cardinal Valley.  

Cardinal Valley Outreach:

Park Events: The park board and other community partners host neighborhood events.  Nathaniel Mission will provide activities and potentially a meal for these events.   These events include the Easter Egg Hunt, Back to School Rally, and Fall Festival. We are looking for individuals who would use activities and games as a bridge to connect, listen, and get to know our neighbors.

Monthly Sunday Afternoon Picnic & Activities: The last Sunday of the month partnering with Hope Spring Church to connect with neighbors in the park, we provide lunch and fun activities for families. Our hope is to connect with neighbors and build long lasting relationships.  

Speigle Heights Outreach: There are several special days throughout the year that we connect with our Speigle Heights neighbors.  These days include: Spring Break in the Park, Speigle Hill Day, Antioch Family Day, Fall Festival, and Christmas Party. Volunteers are need to connect with neighbors and lead activities.  

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