All great endeavors require humble beginnings...

Since 1940, The Nathaniel Mission has been a constant presence of supportive services to those in need in urban Lexington. We have been at the forefront of changing lives along the Versailles Road Corridor for generations.


Our History

Birthed from a desire to serve the historic neighborhoods of Davis Bottom and Irishtown, two of the poorest communities of inner-city Lexington, The Nathaniel Mission was first organized.  The Mission's initial focus was providing spiritual support and care to residents often overlooked and neglected by existing ministries.  The Mission quickly became a hub of community activity, neighbor-based support, and tangible service to individuals and families.  As both the literal and figurative landscape of inner-city Lexington has changed over time, the Mission's aim has broadened significantly to include providing a variety of services to a much wider net of neighborhoods and communities.

The Nathaniel Mission has been an important hand-up for thousands of individuals and families throughout the years.
— Charlie Lanter, Director, Former Lexington Office of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention

By God's grace

  • Tens of thousands of individuals and families connected to supportive services.

  • Provide emergency food assistance to over 4,000 households yearly.

  • Over 5,000 hot meals served with dignity every year.

  • Dozens of individuals counseled and supported through crisis weekly.

  • Critical wellness services provided to thousands through clinics and classes.

  • Financial assistance granted to hundreds of under-resourced individuals every year.

  • Spiritual formation and mentoring offered to the disenfranchised.

  • Building community trust and engagement for decades.