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Did you know?! One in six families in KY struggle with food insecurity.  Nathaniel Mission is committed to meeting that need with dignity towards our neighbors.  Through our partnership with God's Pantry, Glean KY, FoodChain, individual donors, and churches.  We are able to meet that need for our neighbors along the Versailles Road Corridor and beyond.  

Through a time of listening to our neighbors needs, we found that 50% of clients come to the market every month.  For at least 57 families surveyed, the Market meets a critical need for their family that can't be filled by any other resource.  We have had an average of 189 families accessing the Market on a monthly basis in 2018. 

Over the last 6 months our God's Pantry partnership opened the door for us to pick up two days a week at Target and Kroger and receive a Little Caesar's donation once a week.  These pick ups include fresh produce, frozen food, meat, bread and bakery items, and many miscellaneous items from salad dressing to boxed meals and everything in between. 

Even more that food, families receive love and respect, where we intentionally take time to look our neighbors in the eye and speak life into their lives.  They receive spiritual support with a prayer partner where they have a chance to express their needs, connect to resources, and to receive prayer. 

With growth of clients and partners, we are looking for people who have a heart to feed the hungry. Here are a list of ways people can volunteer their time: 

Retail Donation Pick Ups: Tuesday & Thursday mornings from Target (Reynolds) and Kroger (Leestown).

Shopper Assistant & Prayer Partners: On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1-2pm the market is open.  In order for our market to function well we need a team of four people. One person who takes time to listen and to pray for our neighbors.  Another to check IDs and input data into the computer and two others who help the neighbor shop for items. This commitment takes place from 12:45-2:30pm either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

We are looking for financial givers, monthly as well as one time only gifts.  Simply $12.50 a month will feed one family at the Market. 


After a career of taking care of animals as a Veterinary Technician and then Practice Manager, my focus changed to wanting to help feed people. In my last years in veterinary medicine someone dropped off a dog that needed a home and with him came a few cases of canned goods. I decided to cart the food over to God’s Pantry and picked up some information on volunteering. Coincidentally in a meeting at my church, Southern Hills United Methodist, one of our ministers was advocating that we need to support our local Nathaniel Mission. In looking for volunteer opportunities at the Mission I

found out a God’s Pantry location was housed at the Mission. In God’s perfect timing both my focus to help feed people and work with Nathaniel Mission came together.  After God’s Pantry made the decision to wean down their locations, Doris and Bob Hagar with Rev. Dave McFarland started our own market place which also enabled our guests to receive toiletries and supplies not offered with food stamps. But the most important aspect they included was prayer. Each guest of the market is offered a few moments of prayer which in turn builds relationships to the goal of investing, restoring and transforming. Thank you, Nathaniel Mission, for the opportunity to reach out to others who are in need.
Please let the staff know if you would like to volunteer or get more information about the market which is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1-2.

Encounter The Mission: April 29th

Encounter The Mission: April 29th

We DO a lot; yet I discover everyday that more than food and clothes, our friends need someone to listen and to be loved.

Working here I often think of Jesus and how he spent time with folks. He DID a lot: healing, teaching, feeding, fishing, but much of scripture is about sitting down to eat with people: people who society did not like. I think the mission lives that work and love better than any place I’ve served before. I love that, and being here is changing me.