Core Values

The Nathaniel Mission aims to embody three essential core values in all we do: invest, restore, and transform.  These values are inspired by Isaiah 58 where God calls his people to holy action on behalf of the overlooked, neglected, marginalized, and oppressed.  By spending themselves on behalf of their own flesh and blood, the people of God are encouraged to instill dignity and honor into those who have been dismissed.  Through these dedicated and intentional acts of investment and restoration, God casts the vision of a whole community transformed from scarcity and strife to feasting and jubilation.  This is the heart of The Nathaniel Mission, to invest ourselves on behalf of our neighbors, to restore wholeness and dignity through practical services and support, and to see the city of Lexington transformed by God's unending supply of grace and power.  With these values at the center of our operation, The Nathaniel Mission has strategically positioned itself to address three areas of service:


Poverty Intervention and prevention

The Nathaniel Mission is situated amongst some of the poorest communities in urban Lexington.  By reaching out to our neighbors with services such as Emergency Food Assistance, Social Services Support, Budgeting and Financial Independence Classes, and much more, The Mission aims to offer hands up to those experiencing critical poverty and homelessness.

Health and Wellness Initiatives

The Nathaniel Mission has a long track record of meeting basic health and wellness needs on behalf of our neighbors in need.  From Vision and Podiatry Clinics to Diabetes and Nutrition Classes and much more in-between, the Mission has positioned itself to fill critical gaps in health care so that our communities can experience personal wellbeing and live strong, whole, and healthy.


Children and Youth Development

We know well that the greatest means of transforming a community is raising up a generation of leaders who have been given the best opportunities to be educated, informed, supported, and prepared.  As such, The Nathaniel Mission has placed a strong emphasis on vital programs and supportive services for the children and youth of our communities.  Opportunities include everything from educational support after school and during summer months to mentoring and leadership development programs.

2019 Strategic Vision Plan

      In 2018 Nathaniel Mission oriented our effects towards programs and structures to begin the critical work of building lasting relationships with our neighbors. Seeing, meeting, and hearing our neighbor is our focus for 2019. Download our 2019 Strategic Vision Plan.