Transforming Our Community

Transforming Our Community: One Child at a Time

Behind every disruptive child, is a child wanting to be loved. Summer camp was hard and difficult but it is the most rewarding thing I have experienced. I just finished up with 5 weeks of summer camp, reaching a total of 65 kids in the neighborhoods of Coolavin, Cardinal Valley and Speigle Heights.  Every child came to camp excited for the day knowing that they are in a safe space with adults who love them unconditionally.

This was our second year of summer camp in our neighborhood communities. We have prayed diligently for the Lord to work this summer and I have seen the work that He has done. Various students eyes lit up every time they walked into camp for the day. Let me introduce you to K. K has a hard time focusing and staying on topic throughout the day. By the end of the last week of camp, various untrue thoughts and feelings that he had about himself had come up in conversation. He is hurting and has a desire to be loved. Even though he had been to camp before, he continued to come each and every week. When we had a conversation about respect and choices, he showed a true desire to stay at camp. He knew this was a place where he was safe and loved despite anything he had did.

K reminds me of myself all of the time with the Lord. I just want to be loved. I consistently test it out to see if that love is still there through everything. But God loves me unconditionally through it all. He always desires to reach out to me in love, especially when I am hurting. It is through this understanding of the love the Lord has for us that we show the same kind of love to these kids at camp.

Although summer camp is over, the school year is just around the corner giving us yet another opportunity to connect with and love the kids in our neighborhoods. We have plenty of opportunities to show Christ’s love to our neighborhood kids through our 2 after school programs at either Cardinal Valley or the Mission. Our Cardinal Valley Program runs on Mondays and Wednesday from 2:30-4:30 PM at Cardinal Valley Elementary School. Our program at the Mission runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00-6:00 PM.

If you are interested in volunteering in any of our after school programs, contact Sierra Bonham at or by calling 859-255-0062.

A Special Thank You to Our Summer Camp Sponsors and Donors. Camp would not have be possible without you! Thank you!

  • Partners for Youth
  • Hamburg Target
  • Nicholasville Rd. & New Circle Walmarts
  • Walnut Hill Church
  • Centenary New Covenant Class
  • Anne and John Glover
  • Jannella Spencer and Thomas Miller
  • Chasity Ross