Good Samaritan, great news!

In addition to the multitude of generous donations the Nathaniel Mission receives from individuals, groups, and churches, the operation of our ministry requires significant funding through securing grants.  Ministry is expensive, particularly ministry focused on improving the health and wellness of impoverished communities without access to adequate health care.  The Nathaniel Mission Health and Wellness Center, our arm of the Mission aimed at changing the physical wellbeing of our neighbors, is a costly endeavor.  Our clinics, classes, support groups, and other initiatives are an investment in our neighborhoods that truly does lead to restoration and transformation, but not without a steep price tag.

Therefore, it is with immensely grateful hearts that we write to inform you that The Nathaniel Mission has received an especially generous grant through the Good Samaritan Foundation totaling $145,000.  The Nathaniel Mission has benefited from the Good Samaritan Foundation’s focus on improving the health and wellness of needy individuals and families for many years, but this year’s grant marks an especially important season.  With need increasing, both in regard to frequency of services rendered as well as the breadth of services offered, the Nathaniel Mission has been stretched with previous funding levels overtaxed and burdened.  Our proposed grant for the 2017-2018 funding year included an ambitious plan to increase our services to meet these ever-growing needs.  We are very pleased to announce that the Good Samaritan Foundation saw fit to fund our proposal at 100% of our asking total.

These monies will allow our clinics to increase the number of clients seen, the frequency with which we offer these clinics and classes, as well as to begin to position our initiatives to meet needs previously unaddressed.  One area of need we are particularly excited at addressing is the health and wellness of children in the Versailles Road corridor.  In collaboration with our summer and school-year programs aimed at improving the educational, social, and spiritual wellness of children in need, we now have the resources to offer healthy food and physical wellness activities and education as well.  We are thrilled to be able to plan more holistic and well-rounded offerings for our children and youth in our neighborhoods, and this is especially possible due to the generosity of the Good Samaritan Foundation.

Many thanks to the Good Samaritan Foundation, and to our God who continues to equip the Nathaniel Mission with the resources necessary to transform our communities!