Reflection of 2018

2019 is Here!

As we begin 2019, we at the Nathaniel Mission are again committed to a yearly process of evaluation, strategic planning, and course-setting for our organization.  2018 was one of tremendous success and much celebration.  The 2018 Strategic Vision Plan we established a year ago has been instrumental in focusing our efforts and creating tangible fruits of our work alongside our neighbors.  In much the same way, our staff and board have begun the process of again creating holy space for the Spirit of God to inspire, direct, and inform our decision making and planning for 2019.  We hope to take a close look at data, invest in conversations with our neighbors and clients, and prayerfully listen to the Lord's direction in the month to come.  In February, after much deliberation and discussion, a 2019 Strategic Vision Plan will be established and published for our partners to read. 

Our hope is to bring our whole community on board with the things God has placed before us and work collaboratively toward achieving the goals and vision we discern for our future.  We know this process will be incomplete without your input and prayers.  Please do consider reaching out to us with your thoughts, suggestions, insight, and support in the weeks to come.  We are confident in the foundational reality of our work - that The Nathaniel Mission is God's, not our own.  We again entrust it into His hands and attentively await His instructions on how to best steward this transformative ministry with which He has blessed us and our communities.

Thank you for journeying with us, and may 2019 be a blessed year for each of you!

Rev. Dan Baer
Executive Director, The Nathaniel Mission

Meet Lorran Ferguson

Nine months ago The Mission and Hope Springs UMC continued to build on our growing partnership.  Our heart at the Mission is to provide for all aspects of our neighbors lives and a relationship with Jesus is at the top of that list.  Neighbors learning to live love by Jesus, which cannot be done outside of community.  Becoming a part of a congregation is something to strongly encourage our neighbors.  At Easter, Hope Springs opened their door to host Breakfast and Bible Study for our folks and Lorran Ferguson stepped up to

the task of coordinating breakfast.  We have an average of 50 folks and upward of 80+ folks from our target neighborhoods and Hope Springs transports folks from the Men's and Women's Hope Centers.  Lorran coordinates groups to serve breakfast.  We are so grateful for her servant's heart.  At Breakfast and Bible Study, you can hear God's truth and a testimony of God's grace and faithfulness from Hope Springs members.  You are welcome to join us! Doors open at 9am with hot coffee and breakfast starts at 9:30am (Suite 150). Most join us to worship over in the worship center (Suite 300) to follow.