Poverty Intervention and Prevention

Empowered Neighbors

By reaching out to our neighbors with services such as Emergency Food Assistance, Social Services Support, Budgeting and Financial Independence Classes, and much more, The Mission aims to offer hands up to those experiencing critical poverty and homelessness.


We want to equip neighbors with the resources, experiences, skills and knowledge to make good use of their resources by connecting them with community partners. The first Tuesday of the month we invite our neighbors to lunch at The Mission to explore and discuss topics such as finance, budgeting, job training, banking, home energy, and housing rights and issues.  Community partners such as REACH, KY Career Center, BlueGrass Green Source, and Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission, provide critical information that help neighbors thrive.

Many of our neighbors are on a tie budget and are just happy to have food in the cabinets, but we want to empower families that even on a budget they can make healthy food choice that will impact their children and their own lives for the long term.  Class begins at 6pm on Wednesday for the next 6 weeks.  

Our Jobs for Life class help men and women develop character, become connected to a community of support, and help them obtain far more than just a job. When a neighbor participates in a Jobs for Life class he will experiences a life filled with confidence, self-control, coaching, learning and faith.  Classes are Wednesdays with lunch provided at noon and class to follow.  

Meet Lee Hunter

He is the Director of Employment Services at Lexington Rescue Mission.  He is on his second class of Jobs for Life hosted here at The Mission.  This class helps prepare

job-seekers to find lasting employment through Jobs for Life, a Biblical job training program that teaches the skills that will help people succeed in any workplace. Lee teach these classes at their facility at 629 North Broadway and well as local jails, prisons, halfway houses, recovery programs, and at The Nathaniel Mission. 

We are always looking for volunteers to support these classes through preparing a meal and mentoring participates.  Click below if you are interested!