Reversing Summer Learning Loss

Reversing Summer Learning Loss

What was your summer filled with? Sports, camps, going to the pool, camping, and amusement parks? For the kids in our neighborhoods, summer looks quite different. Most do not have the opportunity to participate in any of these programs, if any programs at all. That is why we are inviting our neighborhoods kids to join us for 4 weeks of summer camp this summer!

Summer camp is a time for kids to be safe, loved and given the opportunity to learn about new ideas and explore the world around them. Camp is not only a great opportunity for the kids but also their parents. Let me introduce you to L. L was having a difficult time at camp. He was arguing with others and getting into fights every day. Almost every day of camp, he and his brothers got sent home early because of fighting. One day, I had asked his mom what we could do to help him. I didn’t know his story so I had no idea of the pain and hurt that he had just went through. He had just been abused, and he had pretty severe PTSD because of it. His mom had opened up and shared what had just happened as well as what triggers him. At the end of the conversation, she had told me, “I have never had someone else love and care about my child so much. Thank you!” Those words warmed my heart. She has an amazing young son who deserves to see how loved he is. This is why we do what we do. So that kids can have a safe place to be and know that they are loved beyond anything that may have happened in the past or anything that they did. They are loved.

Won’t you join us in loving on these kids? We are looking for individuals who would prepare and serve lunch, bring breakfast snacks, prepare spaces and activities, lead small groups, physical activity, STEM, reading and Bible lessons.  We are looking for adult and high school students who would commit to a full camp of camp as well as activity leader that could commitment to a day or two for 2 hours.  No matter your availability, if you are interested in loving on some kids. Let us know!

Summer Camp Dates are:

June 17-20 | 12-4p
Nathaniel Mission, Suite 100

June 24-27 | 9-1p
Valley Park (2077 Cambridge Dr.)

July 8-11 | 12-4p
Nathaniel Mission, Suite 100

July 15-18 | 9-1p
Valley Park (2077 Cambridge Dr.)

If you are interested in volunteering in any of our summer camps, contact Sierra Bonham at or by calling 859-255-0062.

Meet Justin

Justin attends Hope Springs Community Church, a United Methodist Congregation right across the parking lot from the Mission.  One Thursday he was in the parking lot head to for praise

band practice and a crowd of kids followed after him to see what he was doing.  It sparked his interest and he was available.  He has been volunteering with our Harrison Elementary School neighborhood kids one to two days a week this year.  

Justin said, "I try to let God lead me to people, places, and things these days, so I've been truly blessed for Him to have led me to such a great group of kids! Each one of the children at The Mission have a lot of personality, so it's been fun getting to know them over the semester and an absolute privilege."

Justin is making the commitment to help with summer camp and we hope you will join him.   If you are interested in helping with summer camp, we have several opportunities before, during and after camp.  Please let us know by emailing