Health & Wellness

Healthy Neighbors

The Nathaniel Mission's commitment to health and wellness initiatives drives us to invest a great amount of resources in order to meet the needs of our neighbors.  A wide variety of clinics and classes are offered to alleviate issues of health in our communities.  Below are three of our main health and wellness initiatives, though other opportunities are being added continually.

From exams to assistance with corrective lenses, the Vision Clinic has assisted innumerable patients receive basic vision care that often goes unmet. In 2018, 120 of our neighbors received eye exams and a voucher for eye glasses.  The Mission keeps a waiting list for clients desiring to be seen by our volunteer Ophthalmologists and Optometrists.  The national average cost of an eye exam and eye glass is over $300, which for our neighbors is a huge burden when correctives lenses are essential to life. 

For many of our neighbors, taking care of their feet can mean the difference between working comfortably and unmanageable discomfort.  Our volunteer Podiatrist helped over 50 clients receive appropriate shoes, nail care, and other services to alleviate these important health concerns in the past year.  

The Mission knows that the cost of care for life-long health concerns, such as diabetes, can be a great burden to carry. By offering assistance in the form of supplies, consultations, support groups, and assessments, the Mission's investment in Diabetes Support can turn the tide for our neighbors in need.  Through our diabetes support group and monthly Lunch & Learn program focused on nutrition, over 130 neighbors learned intentional ways to make healthy life choices. 

Meet Sheila Faust

Sheila has been with us at Nathaniel Mission since September 15, 2014, as our Social Worker. Providing Diabetes information and support is also an important function of The Nathaniel Mission. Sheila Volunteers her time and provides our clients with a relaxed and fun class in which they can address their concerns and learn better ways to manage diabetes. After the Support Group, clients are offered the opportunity to receive diabetic testing supplies such as monitors, test strips, lancets, and alcohol swabs if needed, at no cost to the client. 

For the first time this year, The Nathaniel Mission also offered free A1C testing to individuals who were concerned about whether they had diabetes or not. As we continue to Invest, Restore and Transform our community, we hope to grow and implement new ways to help our clients live healthier lives. For more information on how you can get involved call 859-255-0062.