Meet Yankel!

Thanks to you, and others like you who have faithfully supported the Nathaniel Mission’s vision, comments like this are heard often. In a very short period of time the children and families of the neighborhood surrounding the Nathaniel Mission are seeing hope come to life.  Children are soaking up knowledge in our after-school programs and are being nurtured spiritually and emotionally.  Parents are stepping forward to take an active role in helping their children learn and succeed.  Simply put, children’s lives are being changed and families are being enriched and empowered. 

The Cardinal Valley and Harrison elementary schools that surround the Versailles Road Corridor are the poorest schools in Fayette County.  These are schools of great need, not only academically but also socially, emotionally, and spiritually.  The generational poverty plaguing these neighborhoods and schools creates dire situations for children.  Instability in housing, gang and domestic violence, food insecurity, parental unemployment, unaddressed heath issues, exposure to substance abuse, and much more are the daily reality for these children.

As I continue to serve and witness the need at the Mission, especially the needs of these children, I continually ask this question:

Can an after-school program really bring change to a child’s life?

The answer is a resounding YES!   It is happening at the Nathaniel Mission!

Yankel’s story will help you to understand how an investment in a scholarship CAN and DOES change a child’s life.   At age 5 and entering Kindergarten in a foreign county, Yankel came to the Mission’s Cardinal Valley After-School program 18 months behind his peers, exhibiting the signs of significant social and emotional trauma.  Yankel’s struggles in school and at home led him to act out in class, even to the extent of striking in frustration at teachers and staff attempting to help him.  Nevertheless, through our focus on reading skills and homework assistance, Yankel began to see improvements not only in reading, but his behavior as well.   On his sweet face you can see ­- he experienced a loving environment where he was listened to, cared for, and challenged at the Mission’s After-School Program.  Yankel’s life is changing because of your investment in him through The Nathaniel Mission!

We are currently gathering funds for a new school year’s After-School Programs at Harrison and Cardinal Valley Elementary Schools, both of which are at capacity. Every child in our program is on full scholarshipThe truth is that without your generosity, many others like Yankel will have NO opportunity for extended learning available, much less a program build around his emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing.

Please consider sponsoring a scholarship for one of these precious children for $50 a month or a one time gift of $600.
Your gift will bring transformation to our community, one child at a time.



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Daniel Baer, Executive Director

P.S. Simple click on this link to make an online contribution.   Thank you in advance for your donation!