Special Announcement!

Since word arrived to us that the Davis Bottom neighborhood would forever be transformed by the City of Lexington’s plans, The Nathaniel Mission has been in transition.  We, like our ancient forbearers in the faith, have been a people on the move between what was and what is to come. Ours was not a desert, but it was a time of refining. Ours was not a period of silence, but it was a time of discernment.  Over the past decade, The Nathaniel Mission has sought to understand God’s designs in the midst of an evolving world of need.

Roughly two years ago, we began conversation with the owners of the 1109 Versailles Road warehouse complex.  We felt the strong call of the Lord to investigate putting down roots in this new location amongst new neighbors and communities.  Though the needs of these neighbors seemed the same on the surface, ministering in these communities required a radical transformation of our efforts to meet those critical needs.  As we made significant improvements and changes to our daily operations, we also worked simultaneously on a prayerful journey of discovery and discernment into our long-term location for Kingdom work.  With grateful hearts, we are excited to share monumental news with you on this front.

It is with great pride that we announce that The Nathaniel Mission has purchased the entire 1109 Versailles Road warehouse complex!  Though our current operation only inhabits one and a half of these buildings, the Lord has opened a door for us to again dramatically improve our ministries to our neighbors both in the short and long term.

For the immediate future, our operation will continue as it has under our Strategic Vision Plan adopted at the beginning of 2018.  However, by owning the warehouse complex, we are able to completely finance all of our mortgage payments as well as all overhead costs associated with the property through income from our neighboring tenets.  This means that our budgeted operational costs have been significantly reduced and an even greater percentage of the generous giving to The Mission can go directly into the programs that benefit our community the most.  We fully anticipate expanding nearly every aspect of our ministry to the Versailles Road Corridor as a result of this miraculous transformation of our operational landscape. In addition, our partners can rest assured that nearly every penny of every dollar given will be streamlined directly into our efforts to bring investment, restoration, and transformation to our neighbors in need.

As time passes and your generosity continues, we foresee a day in the not too distant future where we can begin to take possession of additional warehouses to further house and expand our activity along the Versailles Road Corridor.  Eventually, we believe that by God’s grace and direction, The Nathaniel Mission will one day include operations in all seven of the warehouses with ministries of which we have yet to even dream! Imagine the day with us when the work of the Kingdom has increased seven-fold amongst some of the most overlooked communities of our city.  What a glorious day that will be, thanks be to God!

We continue to covet your prayers and generosity, in service and selfless giving, as we step into this new future for The Nathaniel Mission.  The Lord has opened the doors to a new land full of possibility and promise. Come and help us take possession of it for the Kingdom of God!