Going After The One: Summer Camp 2017

Written by Meghan Travis

Behind fidgeting feet, careless hands, and words spoken out of turn is a kid who simply wants to be seen, heard, and understood. Let me introduce you to Z. He is the smaller of the youngest group at camp. He is full of energy and as soon as he sits down at a table his hands reach for the first thing he can get his hands on. His doctor suggested to mom to take him off his medicine for the summer and he's a different kid without it. Two hours into Monday he had already received 3 warnings from his small group leaders. In his defiance he cannot hear the lesson, others cannot hear the lesson, and patience is wearing thin. At that point, the Camp Director was called in. We talk about the choices he has if he wants to stay at camp. He desperately wants to be at camp, but he simply can't make the right decision on his own. He needs help engaging and focusing. We had a conversation, refocus and read a book. Z loves books. He could read for hours if he had someone one on one to read to him. At the next activity, I help him stay focused by asking questions about the group project: " I wonder what would happen if . . . Did you see that . . . Do you remember what this is called . . . "

I see myself in Z's shoes all the time with the Lord. Jumping from one thing to the next, maybe in the same room with the Lord, but not focused on what He has for me or what He wants me to see, hear, and learn. What I need to do is bring my heart before Jesus and let him sit with me.  In remembering that He is for me my world changes. It is out of this understanding that we can have the same patience with Z. We want him to know the love of Jesus for him. Jesus is the one who leaves the flock to go after the one. Our heart is the same!

We have spent the last 4 weeks engaging children and families in the neighborhood surrounding The Mission. These times have been spent learning we are made by God and built for a purpose.  Using this as our backdrop of our days, we have been exploring God's creation (water, light, plants, and animals) and we have been challenged to see ourselves as investors and creators.  

Take a look at the fun things we have done this summer!  We only have a few weeks left!

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Meghan Travis, Children & Youth Development Coordinator
     Bachelors of Art in Missions from Asbury University
     Over 10 years of experience loving on children and families
     Seeking adventure through books, outdoors, music, & new experiences