Making an Impact: Mentoring at Harrison

What did you look forward to after a long day of school as a kid? Relaxing on the couch, watching your favorite TV show, eating a nice home cooked meal with your family? As that may have been the reality for you, that is most often not the case for those children who are part of low-income families in the Harrison school district. Most often, children in low-income families hate to go home at the end of the day knowing what they will be going back to.

A Snapshot of our Mentoring Program

Having a heart to transform the reality of these kids in health & wellness, physical activity, spiritual development, and education, we have partnered with Christ Church and Harrison Elementary School to provide these children with a once a week, after-school mentoring program.

Walk into the cafeteria on Tuesday afternoon and you will see excited and joyful children playing with board games, legos, drawing, reading, and  eager to help with the day's activities. The day moves from snack to physical activity to dinner to mentoring and ending with a pretty intense tutoring portion. Each section of the day brings its own joys and challenges.

Mentoring is by far my favorite portion and the portion that arguably makes the most impact. Most of the children that we work with come from a hard home life, often times due to financial struggles of the family. The mentoring portion focuses on God and the story that we are a part of.

The Impact Mentoring Makes

This past week, we learned about creation. We talked about the way that God had created the world and we made our own world in a similar manner. We ended the time with talking about how God had created each and everyone of us to be a part of that creation. The most impactful part of the mentoring portion was when a mirror was held up in front of each students face and they were asked to look at themselves and say, “I am the best part”. Many students struggled to look at themselves, say those words and truly believe it.

Many times, I can see myself struggling in the same way that these children are. Despite all of my flaws and wrongdoings, God loves me unconditionally and I am the best part of his creation.

1 John 3:1a says “See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are!”

We are God’s children! And we are so loved by the Father. We want these children to know and  feel the unconditional love of the Father for them.

God is doing great things through the mentoring program at Harrison. Partner with us in prayer and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us in each and every interaction we have with these children, won’t you?